Friday, April 15, 2011


I absolutely love music. It can inspire me to write some great scenes, whether it be a love scene or a fighting scene.

My music taste is also very diverse. I can listen to classical music the one moment and listen to Metallica the next. My mood determines what I listen to. It also determines which scene I will be writing that day or the next. It is also great if I want to prepare myself to write a particular scene. For example, if my characters are in a club, I put on some dance music, turn it up really loud and just write how it affects me. So music has a much greater impact on my writing than I first realized. But I am thankful for it. I guess music is my muse.

So what is your opinion about music and writing? Do you like listening to music when you write or not?


  1. I always listen to music with headphones when writing on order to block out the noises around me. Mostly instrumetal stuff.

    Moody Writing

  2. Nothing wrong with Metallica!
    I know a lot of people write with music but I spend too much time singing and forget to write so I usually leave it off.
    Half way there!

  3. Today I share some beautiful music. Think of me as the music fairy sprinkling music dust to inspire...

  4. I love to listen to the Springsteen channel on Pandora when I'm working on my book. The songs get the creative juices flowing nicely, and the mix of music is something I imagine the main character enjoys.

  5. I know I'm really committed to a WIP once I start developing a story specific soundtrack for it. For me, music and writing go hand in hand.

  6. i wrote an entire book listening to one song over and over... for like 6 months. it found me and needed to be my inspiration.
    A to Z Blog Challenge Participant
    Jeremy [iZombie]

  7. I write quite happily to music but it must not contain any lyrics!

    Ellie Garratt

  8. My first ms - I wrote with music constantly playing. My second ms - I wrote with absolute silence.

    Interesting ... maybe it is just what the characters call for ...

  9. Sometimes, music is needed to drown out the TV :)

    Some lyrics jump out at me and truly nail my character's attributes. Music is essential.

  10. Sometimes I need silence to write, but other times I like music in the background. When this happens I go for instrumental or something with lyrics in a foreign language so they don't distract me.

  11. Mooderino - I live in a very noisy household so I have become immune to the noise level. But instrumental music is a great choice. At times I listen to instrumental music as well.

    Heather - Yes, hanging on in there. We came this far so we can push through to the end. Thanks for stopping by.

    Siv - Thank you for the wonderful music of inspiration. Nocturne by Secret garden is now one of my new favourite songs of inspiration. It is a beautiful piece of music and I love the ladies voice. The violin is brilliant too. Norway has great music. Thank you.

    Riley - You say it far better than I could. The music does get the juices flowing and it makes the characters come alive for me.

    M.J. - I think so too! Fantastic!

    Izombie - It is amazing how music can inspire us and I think it is wonderful that you could complete your book. Thank you for stopping by.

    Ellie - I think music makes the writing process even more enjoyable for me. I have become quite good at blocking out the lyrics, thanks to growing up in a noisy household.

    Margo - Yeah, different characters require different approaches. Though I fear the day that one of them tell me they don't like my music. Music helps me bring them to life.

    Huntress - Wonderfully put! I agree with you completely. Thank you so much for following my blog. I truly appreciate it.

    C R Ward - I am glad you like listening to music when you write too. It is amazing how we all approach writing differently, yet manage to create our wonderful characters and plots. Thank you for stopping by.


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