Friday, August 29, 2014

The Thelum Series

I have had some time to think about my writing and what my writing goals are and what I wanted to accomplish when I hopefully self-publish next year. Well I have made many decisions. I am going ahead with my novel, The Amaranthine (previously known as Immortal: New Beginning). It is the first book in my series which I have decided to call The Thelum Series. I have completed the first drafts of two other books in the series and they still need re-writes and editing. So there will be plenty to do in the upcoming years.

Why The Thelum Series? Well, Thelum is a fictional world (like earth) I have created for my story to play out in and it is simply easier for me than writing about an actual country or city. It is going to be a paranormal romance/urban fantasy series written from a first person perspective. I know many of you are grimacing right now, but it will be good. At least I think the first book is taking shape nicely.

I am in the final stage of self-editing before handing it over to a serious romance book expert and to be honest, I am terrified of her opinion. Who is it you ask? My oldest sister. Now I know what you're thinking about her not giving me honest feedback, but when it comes to her romance novels, she is brutal. She should actually critique manuscripts for a living. She really reads all kinds or romance and science fiction and will rip my manuscript apart for unrealistic characters, loopholes in my plot and whether my book stands a chance in the romance market. After her critique (end of this year) I am hoping I would have saved enough to hire a professional or freelance editor (next year).

I just have to focus on the rest of the self-editing at the moment. I don't know why, but I have this really nasty habit of rushing the editing process. Slow and easy definitely works best for me, but now that I am at the final stage I am getting low on momentum at the most crucial point. But I will forge ahead. I will make it through. Even if I have to kick myself to get there.

So, what are you up to?


  1. Hey, good to hear it's all going great for you. Usually, family make the worse beta readers, but your sister sounds like she knows her genre!

    I'm currently working on some flash fiction which may be submitted as singles or a collection, or rewritten into short stories or... well, at this stage, they could be anything :-)

    1. How exciting! I know your new stories are going to be wonderful. It's great that you are writing. Yay!

  2. Good job, Murees, I'm proud of you for persevering and following your dream. Rewards will come. Best wishes, as always,

  3. I like stories that are written from the first-person; it gives me a better insight into who the characters are, and I've written most of my stories in the first-person too. Editing is tough, especially because it's tough to let go of certain pages or passages that you like but that may not work in the story. I heard a writer say that he keeps a file filled with "extras" from his editing.
    Sorry I didn't do the challenge that you tagged me in last week; I couldn't figure out adjectives for all the letters. But thanks for tagging me, though!

    1. No problem! I usually don't participate in tags and skip awards, because I don't like the pressure associated with them. Don't even worry about it.

      It is so great that you like books written in the first person. Aside for me, most people hate it. But I love them and find it the best and only way for me to write what i want. It just works for me. I also have a folder with extras. I just hope I can clean my manuscript up enough that professional editors don't tell me to consider another career choice instead.

  4. If you want another beta read, send that baby my way!

    I'm super excited to read it when it's all done!


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