Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I got tagged for the Radiant Award

I am always thankful and humbled whenever I get nominated for an award or get tagged. Having accepted this award, I have to adhere to the rules, which are:

1. Give a shout out to the person who nominated me.

2. List 26 words describing me, starting at A, finishing at Z.

3. Tag 4 other people.

I want to thank Stephanie Faris for tagging me. It was really kind of her and her blog is a great read. She always has wonderfully useful content to share. Plus, she supports curvy women, so she rocks!

Now, 26 things words that describe me. Sorry in advance if I sound boring.

A - Awkward
B - Busty
C - Caring
D - Dreamer
E - Enthusiastic
F - Fearful (Most things)
G - Grateful
H - Hermit
I - Intelligent
J - Jealous
K- Kind (I like to think so)
L - Loquacious
M - Moody
N - Naive
O - Obsessive
P - Prepared
Q - Quirky
R - Romantic
S - Serious
T - Tenacious
U - Unpredictable
V - Vicious
W - Writer
X - Xanthippe
Y - Yammerer
Z - Zealous

Now to tag 4 others... You are under no obligation to accept this tag, if you would rather not participate.

Neurotic workaholic

Michelle Wallace

Hilary Melton-Butcher

Rebecca Bradley

What words would you say best describe you?

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