Thursday, June 27, 2013


We went to my aunts funeral today and the whole event was sad—beautiful in its own way, but still sad. I am not going to the second funeral this weekend, as my brother and sister are leaving for the funeral tomorrow morning (because it is about 8 hours away from where we live) and I need to work. There are deadlines at work and my boss didn't even want to give me off for the funeral today, but did so because it was a close relative.

On another note, I find myself smiling a lot these days for no apparent reason. I have all these ideas for my book and I am excited about this idea or concept that I have. It is a love story, but close to the same style of what one would see in a chick flick. It is about a kind of love that is so strong that it will move through time. I am still working things out and trying to make it all make sense and match. I am going to start working on an outline this weekend and hopefully I can bring this story in my head, to life.

Work is not bad, but the people I work with are unbearable. I find myself smiling everywhere, except there. There is just not a whole lot to smile about at work. But hey, I need to earn a living right? I have applied to three different recruitment agencies to help me find a new job, so hopefully in the next few months I will find something new. I am holding out for a new job before I resign, but the other day I almost gave in my resignation after people had been awful to me. I just have to learn to stick things out no matter what. I am not used to this type of environment, but there has to be a reason why I have been exposed to it right? Who knows what is awaiting me in my future.

I am not sad right now or anything. The new book idea has me smiling. What are you up to?


  1. I'm really sorry that people at your office are so unkind, but you are wise to wait till you find something better. Focus on your new story as often as possible to lift your spirits. I hope you'll have good news on the job front soon.

  2. I'm sorry about your aunt, but it is great that you have reasons to smile. Usually work is one of those places most don't smile. Here's to keeping more ideas coming for that new story and for a better job.

  3. Good luck in your job search. A job consumes a great deal of your time, so it's important to find a job you can enjoy. Meanwhile, best of luck on your new story.

  4. I'm so glad to hear that you're smiling. I hope your story fills your mind so much you don't notice the people you work with. And don't stop smiling!

  5. I'm so sorry about your Aunt.

    It is good to hear that your story idea has you smiling. That's the best feeling when things are falling into place.

  6. Deanie - Thank you so much. I will definitely take your wise advice.

    Al - Thank you! You are just so great.

    Elizabeth - Thank you! I agree and I am so grateful for your kind words.

    Annalisa - Thank you. I will try my best. But at least I am still smiling.

    Jai - Thank you. You are so right. I feel so happy to be back at writing. I really missed it.

  7. Murees, I'm sorry to hear about your aunt. It truly is hard to deal with the loss of a loved one, I wish you peace in the coming months.

    It is good that you are happy with your writing as it sees you through good times and bad. You are young and I am sure you will not be at this job forever, so cheer up - better things are coming!

  8. Hi Murees - I'm glad your aunt's funeral went off peacefully - and hope the one this weekend will be as peaceful.

    Glad you're smiling, even if not at work .. sounds pretty depressing to me - so very good luck with the job search ..

    Enjoy the book come together and all the new ideas ..

    Happy days ahead .. cheers Hilary

  9. Nancy - Thank you! You are always so kind and you always know just what to say.

    Hilary - Thank you. Your words are so comforting. Have a great weekend!

  10. Wow! Good for you for sticking it out. That's very impressive. That kind of an environment really takes it's toll on a person!

    As for the randomly smiling... all I can think of is the quote from Elf... "I love smiling. Smiling's my favorite.'

  11. Katie - That is a good quote and I actually do like smiling and even laughing, though I don't to it often.


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