Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I have always been the kind of person to think things through and plan things ahead. Of course, when I decided to become a writer, I took a similar approach and do you know what? I am not any closer to my dream of being a successfully published author.

My point? Sometimes you just have to take a chance. Submit that book proposal. Talk to a person that knows more about that career path that you want to follow. Ask that cute guy or girl out on a date. Be brave, live.

I feel like I have been planning and planning and I still end up disappointed. So if you are like me and have been getting the short end of the stick, lets be brave and dare to do something different.

Annalisa Crawford will be stopping by my blog tomorrow to talk about That Sadie Thing. If you want to, you can come over and say hi to her. I know she will appreciate it.

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  1. I still feel brave every time I submit my work to an agent. I've done it many times over the years but it's still scary!

  2. Yes! Do it! Go out and do all those brave things (maybe not all in one day, that might be overkill) Even just small things pave the way for bigger and braver things! Looking forward to hearing all about it :-)

  3. So true. Sometimes it pays to just jump in. Be spontaneous. Or go with a backup plan.

    Be Brave!

  4. Mama J - That is definitely something to feel brave about.

    Annalisa - Thank you. I was brave today and went to eat at a local restaurant that I never had the guts to go into before.

    Carol - I agree. Maybe I should work on my back up plan.

    Michelle - Thank you.

  5. Awesome blog post. It can be hard to be brave. Sometimes we just have to do it.

  6. Boy, if all writerly words of wisdom could boil down to one unequivocal point that would be it. Thanks!

  7. Taking a chance is good, and it's important to be fully informed about what chance you are taking too.

  8. Beverly - You are so welcome. I am always trying to be brave.

    M.J. - Very true words. Thank you.


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