Monday, June 17, 2013


As a writer I must admit I have found that my life and writing goes through various phases all the time. My life is either stable or changing continuously. Because I tend to be a little obsessive compulsive, ever changing circumstances and surprises and things like that are my personal idea of hell. I can do repetitive things over and over and life is fine. Change something and my day or life is ruined. I don't know why I am like that. I just am. When it comes to my moods, I am either in my content phase or my tortured phase, most days I am in my tortured phase, as that is just how I am. I am not an overly happy person, but I am not the kind of person to be mean or rude to someone else unless you did something to offend or upset me. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt at our first encounters. Offend me or be rude and your chance is out the window. 

As for writing. I am either inspired to write or not. If I am in the writing mood then I can knock out a first draft of a book in two to three months. If I lack inspiration or the desire to write, it can take me weeks or months to get out of this mental slump and get back in the writing saddle. At the moment I am in the writing slump phase. At least I am going through some of the other books that I have written and editing here and there. I am not really sure about their potential, but it doesn't hurt to take a look again. I am not really feeling very enthusiastic about the editing, but at least I am doing something.

I am also more in the reading phase than the writing one. I am totally loving Janet Evanovich's writing and wishing that I could have her brain. To think, I would never have read any of her work if my sister had not bullied me into reading her books. I had been sure that I would not like her work and I now love it. So, I was wrong and Janet Evanovich rocks! I am obsessed with the Stephanie Plum novels and finding myself wishing that her leading men existed in real life, because they sound so sexy and I want someone like Morelli or Ranger for myself. Yum!

I think that it is great that I at least understand myself and my phases, unfortunately, most people don't get me. My mother is always asking me why I can't be more like the other women my age and I just shrug my shoulders. Apparently I look like the sweet and innocent girl that never does anything wrong. Unfortunately, I  don't see myself like that, I don't think like that at all and most importantly, my personality could not be further from that stereotype either. I like wearing black, I love wearing biker boots with studs and buckles, I love tattoos, even though I only have one and rock music speaks to my soul.

What are your phases like? Do you have any?

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