Thursday, June 27, 2013


We went to my aunts funeral today and the whole event was sad—beautiful in its own way, but still sad. I am not going to the second funeral this weekend, as my brother and sister are leaving for the funeral tomorrow morning (because it is about 8 hours away from where we live) and I need to work. There are deadlines at work and my boss didn't even want to give me off for the funeral today, but did so because it was a close relative.

On another note, I find myself smiling a lot these days for no apparent reason. I have all these ideas for my book and I am excited about this idea or concept that I have. It is a love story, but close to the same style of what one would see in a chick flick. It is about a kind of love that is so strong that it will move through time. I am still working things out and trying to make it all make sense and match. I am going to start working on an outline this weekend and hopefully I can bring this story in my head, to life.

Work is not bad, but the people I work with are unbearable. I find myself smiling everywhere, except there. There is just not a whole lot to smile about at work. But hey, I need to earn a living right? I have applied to three different recruitment agencies to help me find a new job, so hopefully in the next few months I will find something new. I am holding out for a new job before I resign, but the other day I almost gave in my resignation after people had been awful to me. I just have to learn to stick things out no matter what. I am not used to this type of environment, but there has to be a reason why I have been exposed to it right? Who knows what is awaiting me in my future.

I am not sad right now or anything. The new book idea has me smiling. What are you up to?

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