Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Where are all the UFO’s?

Sunday night my sister and I sat outside staring at the stars. Not just because they're beautiful, but I stupidly believed that if I looked at the sky long enough, maybe I would actually see a UFO. I’m a serious Ancient Aliens fan and I always hear about UFO’s being spotted all across the world, so why not South Africa right?

Imagine my surprise when I see a bright star moving across the sky. “Look, a UFO!” I go on ranting all excited and happy. My other family members rushed outside and saw what I was getting excited about and they simply rolled their eyes. My brother, who is the voice of logic and reason, mentioned that it was a satellite. Unwilling to believe him, I did a search online and he was right. There are like 10 000 satellites in space right now, not to mention the international space station, which can both look like stars and the latter tends to flash brightly for a few seconds and then dim again. To make matters worse, when I returned outside about 10 minutes later, another moving star moved in the sky, just confirming how regularly you can see a satellite in the sky. 

So, where are all the UFO’s? Have you ever seen a UFO?

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