Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Just roll with it

The past few days I got some feedback on my manuscript from my sister (target audience) and like suspected, she had a lot of great feedback. Mostly that my love scenes were awkward and the wording used inappropriate and that I still have a tendency to info dump. Not to mention too much happening in too short amount of time. But other than that, she liked the story. Still, I was a bit bummed.

Then I approached a few editors for quotes and mostly I found out that my expectations of what editing costs and reality is out of proportion. The amount I have saved is not near enough and that I will have to keep saving for at least another year, (so goodbye September/ October 2015 deadline). So of course I felt a little bummed again.

This morning I spent some time in the cemetery with my mom and cousin, putting flowers on our relatives graves and the gesture lifted my spirits. The things I felt bummed about didn't seem quite so important and depressing anymore, especially after I saw how many unmarked graves there were, even that of children.

I still have to hear back from two other critique partners too, but I don't fear their feedback anymore. I will wait for all the feedback before making any changes.  I am also thinking of reworking my self-publishing deadline so that it suits me and so that I don't get unnecessarily stressed. I have learned that there is always a solutions, it might not be the one I always want, but there is always a solution none the less.

How did your day turn out? Anything happen that you didn't plan?

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