Wednesday, July 16, 2014

When a dog gets the better of you

My chef sister was off today and needed to take her dog to the vet. Because her dog is a rather big dog she needed my help taking the dog to the vet. After all, the dog is such a cutie.

Anyway, the appointment went well and my sister's dog was very well behaved. My sister stayed behind to pay and I took the dog's leash from my sister to take the dog for a walk. Instead I ended up on a light jog to what I hoped was a toilet break and not an attempt to run away in anger.

In the end all she wanted was to go back to the car and she had ended up dragging me behind her in her search for the correct car. Finally at some point I realized that she only wanted to go back to the car and once there, she calmed down. Duh.

A few minutes later my sister came out laughing.
"What's so funny?" I said, petting her dog.
She said, "Everyone inside the vet's office saw you running with the dog and one guy said 'there is a lady in the parking lot being dragged around by a dog'."

What can I say, my life is anything but boring.

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