Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hyperventilating today (IWSG)

When I started off the day I wasn’t feeling insecure about anything. In fact I felt good, as if I was on top of the world. Fast-forward a few more hours and I find myself hyperventilating. Why? Because I am trying to get things in place if I want to self-publish (next year hopefully).

That doesn’t sound so bad? Well, I never thought of me, self-publishing my work, as a small business. All businesses need a business plan and I did one in college as an assignment, but I have no idea how to do one now and then I have to think of what type of business I will be, an enterprise, LLC and so forth and then what will my business be named?

It is all getting so real and I have taken up the bad habit of procrastinating. My editing has slowed down too. Everytime I look at my manuscript I worry about sorting out all the tax info for my small business. I know this is really unrealistic and immature, but I thought I could just get my book ready and publish, ignoring the whole small business thing all together. Now there are so many other things to consider and I feel like I am in over my head. My problem is that I over think things sometimes.

How are you doing? Please, I hope you are doing much better than me, if not, I am sending you plenty of virtual hugs.

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