Saturday, July 12, 2014

Great few days

Hello Table Mountain (view from car)

The past few days have been really great and the struggle from earlier in the week forgotten. Yesterday my siblings and I headed off to Canal Walk in Cape Town for dinner and some shopping. Food was excellent and the fact that my siblings were treating me was even better. The company was wonderful and the frozen yogurt I had on my way out topped off my night quite well.

This morning my family and I kicked off our day with a great breakfast of eggs, crispy bacon, fluffy pancakes, sparkling wine, freshly squeezed orange juice and french toast. It was absolutely delicious and once again, the company was superb. After breakfast my brother took my two sisters and myself on a mystery drive, as it was a beautiful day and we wanted to experience it. We started off our journey to Franschhoek, but changed direction quickly when we realized the Bastille Festival was on (too crowded for us) and we headed towards Pniel and then Stellenbosch, where we bought some fresh ingredients for supper, which was delicious.

On the way to Franschhoek (view from car)

Still on the way to Franschhoek (view from car)

I think what made these few days extra special was the fact that my chef sister was off for a few days and we got to spend lots of time together. Sometimes I talk a lot of crap about my family and how they don't understand me, but I love them a lot and they are more than just my family, they are also my best friends and life just wouldn't be as great without them. Mom decided to sit out both adventures because she wanted to play computer games instead.

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