Thursday, July 18, 2013


The rain is just beating down on our roof right now and I must admit people, I am feeling like writing. It is something about the sound of the rain that just gets to me. It calms me and the writing juices flow. I guess I like the rain weather here, because tomorrow the sun will be shining bright again and there would be no traces that it had been dark and gloomy the day before, as if the rain had never happened. So no matter how much it rains, you are guaranteed that the sun will shine again soon and brightly at that.

These are the last 11 days until my contract expires with my literary agent and until I can say what is and has truly been on my mind for a while. I have asked her to withdraw my manuscript from the entire submission process, so now I am just waiting out my contract.

My colleague, the one who doesn't like me, has been offered a transfer. It is a better position with a better chance of advancement in the future and she accepted the offer. She will be leaving next month and then there is the prospect of my boss needing to replace her with someone else. I am still looking for another job too. The company I work for is just...lets just say we have different ideas of what is right and wrong. The sooner I find something else the better. I actually did apply for a new job today, but a lot of people applied for it, so we'll see.

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