Monday, July 29, 2013


Charlie is just the most energetic and fun horse that you can imagine and even though he knew that he wanted to be a great racehorse when he grew up, he quickly finds out that the journey to getting there is not quite so easy. I enjoyed living this journey with Charlie and cheering him on. Once again, there is a strong message in this book about always trying your best and never giving up, which I find to be uplifting. I also loved the fact that there are a lot more illustrations in this book, as they are always wonderfully done.

You can purchase a copy of the book Here or you can visit the author Deanie Humphrys-Dunne Here


  1. Thank you so much for another outstanding review, Murees! I so appreciate it and I know you're very busy, which makes your efforts even more special to me. Best wishes, as always.

  2. Hi Murees .. I've loved seeing the recent books - and the art work here is just brilliant as I'm sure the book is too ..
    Cheers Hilary

  3. Beautiful book cover, and the idea of a horse being ambitious for the racetrack is really a new slant on horse stories.

  4. Sounds like a great take away message. The cover is beautiful.

  5. I love a book with pictures! I'll have to check this one out. And, let's face it, I'll probably add to my pile of children's books :)

  6. Deanie - You are so welcome!

    Hilary - Thank you for stopping by. I loved sharing this information with everyone.

    Elizabeth - It really is and I just love horses, even though I have never been up close to one myself.

    Jai - The fact that there is a message in each book, is why I liked them so much.

    Katie - I think it is so awesome of you to still read children's books. I was thinking I was the only one.

    LD - It really is. It makes you feel happy afterwards.


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