Sunday, May 5, 2013


I have been on the particular mission to find the perfect pair of boots. Now I should mention that I have a very particular taste. I like the biker style boots with the studs and buckles which is not really the type of boots which are in fashion.

Now, because I favour that type of style, I tend to share that particular taste in footwear with many of my main female characters, mostly because it is unusual, in my opinion. I always find people who ask me why I don’t choose boots that are more feminine, when in my opinion I don’t see how buckles make an item more masculine. Why can’t women like buckles too?

After a year and several months of searching, I have found the perfect pair of boots. I love them and yes,  thankfully that is real leather. 


  1. Love those boots. I'm a fan of Doc Martens, and have worn them since I was about 17 - both when they're in fashion and out of it.

  2. Love them :) I have my eyes on a boho style pair and yes, my most recent heroine wears them too :)Simply Sarah

  3. Annalisa - Doc Martins are a classic and in my opinion, are always in style. Great taste.

    Sarah - The boho style is great too and why not share your great flair for fashion with your characters? More power to you.


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