Friday, May 17, 2013


Today my blog is 3 years old and when I first started blogging, I didn't think anyone would ever read what I wrote and now I have 176 followers. How unreal is that?

Unlike so many other cool bloggers, I don't have any special ways to celebrate and I don't have a great give away, sorry. But I wanted to mention that freedom is important to me. The freedom to think, to live, to exist to create and to inspire. So, that is what I want to share with you.

It is okay to be different, to live life the way you want. To write the way you want, to wear whatever you want, to do the kind of job that you want, because it makes you truly happy. The freedom to make your own choices and to be proud of yourself for being true to yourself, that to me is priceless. So...go be free.


  1. Happy 3 year blogiversary! My blog has been going almost 2 years and I never thought anybody would actually read it.

  2. Happy 3 year blogiversary.

    I love your blog and the thought of freedom of everything. So very true.

  3. Happy 3 year blogiversary! Freedom to do what you want is very important.

  4. Mama J - Thank you. I think that your blog is great. It is no wonder people read it.

    Jai - Thank you. Freedom is such a rare thing these days.

    Gina - Thank you. Freedom is essential for me.

  5. Happy 3rd blogiversary. Keep on enjoying what you do.

  6. Congrats on three years! I agree that freedom is very important and being brave enough to be let ourselves be free is important too.

  7. Honestly, freedom is more important to me than everything else, including fame. Sometimes the pressures and rejections in the publishing industry make me turn away from it, ignore it and just kick back.
    Nothing's more important than your own sense of peace and contentment.
    Great post! :-)

  8. That's beautiful. Freedom is priceless.

    Happy Blog Birthday!

  9. Sarah - Thank you and you are so right. Freedom is everything.

    Lexa - You are so right and I take a break from the publishing world too, when things get to crazy. I guess that's why freedom is so important. Thanks.

    Carol - Thank you. I can't agree with you more.

  10. Excellent post, Murees. You are lucky to have learned this so young as many takes decades to realize the truth in it. Don't let life steer you away from your happiness or take your joy. And congratulations on your blog anniversary!

  11. You have a lovely blog ...happy birthday for it and to many more followers and readers :).

  12. Nancy - Thank you Nancy! Your words are kind and very comforting.

    Unikorna - Thank you so much! It is very nice meeting you.


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