Friday, May 10, 2013


I am feeling a little conflicted at the moment.  I don't know what type of story I want to write at the moment. I always leaned towards romance because I have never experienced it before. Yes, we all have crushes, but I have never been in love and I suppose that is why I have been writing about it the past 5 years. 

Having said that, I am leaning towards darker stories and themes these days. Don't ask me why, I guess I have been reading too many Stephen King and James Patterson novels. Though, I can't really see this type of story unfolding right before my eyes as I did with the romance novels. Writing something different is hard.

As I am yet unpublished, I suppose it is okay to switch genres, because lets be honest, I have one romance novel with an agent and even the publishers don't like it. Nobody wants to see more. So maybe I am just not a good romance writer. Maybe I am yet to find the genre that I should write in. 

This weekend I am going to do some reading, just to relax and recharge my batteries and then I am going to try and get some writing done. If the writing does not happen, then I can always read some more and I can call it research. 

Just a thought...What are you writing right now?


  1. Sounds like a good idea - all of it. Resting to recharge. Trying a different genre and reading when all else fails.

    I'm in the beginning stages of a fantasy story. Not sure yet if there will be a romantic involvement or not.

  2. You can totally write about whatever you want. You'll probably discover that your themes are the same whatever the genre - I never quite know what I'm going to end up writing, but that's what makes it so much fun!

  3. Jai - Than you. Fantasy? Sounds like a good read. I hope you enjoy the journey of discovering where the story leads. Just brilliant.

    Annalisa - That sounds really great. I never knew I could still surprise myself. I know I just have to write and then I will know what I got.

  4. Now that the A to Z is over, I've been doing some serious reading. I really need to play catch up with my reading.
    I completed Annalisa's short story collection in one sitting. What a great selection!
    As for writing... not sure what I want to work on... quite a few ideas rolling around in my mind... maybe a novella/novelette...

    Writer In Transit

  5. I think writing in different genres stretches our imaginations and strengthens our writing. Maybe you will end up writing a romantic suspense novel :) I am currently working on two YA dystopian novels. I'm revising one and drafting the other. I'm also brainstorming up some ideas for some children's stories.

  6. Michelle - Sounds like you have a great concept for what you want to write, which is always awesome. I have a ton of catching up I have to do, with regards to my reading as well. Enjoy!

    Sarah - That is just fantastic! How brilliant of you. Can I please borrow a little bit of your imagination, not a lot, just a tiny drop? I think that is just amazing as I am either writing or revising, never both at the same time. I hope you enjoy your creative time and that everything works out just how you want it to.

  7. I agree that you can and should write what you want to write. Have some fun with words and structure, see what happens when you just allow yourself the freedom without worrying what others will think of it. Write what you want to write, then look and see what you have created. :)

  8. Rebecca - Thank you for the kind words. That is great advice, which I will gladly take.


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