Saturday, May 18, 2013


I just had to share with you a conversation that I recently had with my co-worker about books. Trust me, it is good.

Her: "You brought a book to work?"
Me: "Yes, because the past few days things have been slow and I really want to finish this book."
(There is a feeling of awkward silence and I put my book away)
Her: "You"
Me: Mouth just drops open in surprise.
Her: "I don't read books, magazines and newspapers only."
Me: Mouth still hanging open. I can feel my throat becoming dry.
Her: "I don't read books because then you actually have to concentrate and pay attention."
Me: Mouth still open in shock and maybe a bit or horror now.
Her: "I can't believe people read books."
Me: Mouth still open and feeling rather sad for her now. How depressing it must be not to know books can be fun.
Her: "I am much more of a singer myself. Why don't you sing? Why do you read books?"
Me: Knowing that there is just no use trying to share my thoughts with this person. She is so far gone, it is not even funny and there is just no saving her.
Her: "So that is what you do in your spare time, you read?"
(She sounds rather amused about that thought)
Me: "I write books as well."
Her: Her face is blank and devoid of any life at all.
(Even more awkward silence)
Her: "So what do you write?"
Me: "Paranormal Romance."
Her: Blank stare
Me: "Vampires, werewolves...things like that."
Her: "I don't like reading books. Anyway, why don't you sing? I sing. Singing is my life."
Me: "I write."
Her: Another blank stare
Me: Smiling in amusement, wondering what it must be like being so limited in one's thinking.


  1. I guess the saying, "Different strokes for different folks," applies here. LOL

  2. Singing used to be my life back when I was in high school. But I still read a lot on the side! I can't imagine limiting yourself like that.

  3. I read every single day, even if it's only a few pages before I go to sleep. I can't imagine not reading at all.

  4. My husband and step-daughter are exactly like this girl. Oh God! It's like you were talking to one of them, but not the singing part. It's so frustrating. They respect that I read and write. They're just not totally convinced that people actually pay for books. I remind them often of the giant store at the mall and the libraries. The sad thing is, I am not married to an idiot. He's a smart man but neither one of them has an ounce of imagination. Sometimes I talk about my fairies and I think it freaks them out. Ah...Good times :)

  5. Manzanita - I guess so. I just wish she would not judge me for it though.

    Sarah - I used to sing in the school choir too and it was important, but I also read and I did not judge other people as she does me, either.

    Mama J - I agree completely.

    T C Mckee - I understand your situation. My brother is super intelligent too and he does not read novels, only scientific journals and stuff. But what made this woman's comments so funny, is that she hates everything about me and yet she can't bring herself to read one single book?

  6. I love reading. And I love singing. I can't imagine NOT doing either.
    That poor woman has NO IDEA what she is missing out on... and her "blank" response is the very reason why I don't talk about my writing to every Tom, Dick and Harry I meet. Most people just don't get it! And then they look at you as if something is wrong with you.

    Writer In Transit

  7. Singing is wonderful. Maybe she writes her own song lyrics....

    I know this conversation unfortunately. Like you Murees, I find it completely baffling that someone just doesn't read. Maybe they don't read often, but to just not read.. wow. I can be caught singing - badly. I can even be caught dancing - in my own home, very badly. I watch TV, films, laugh with friends, but I love getting lost in a book.

    I think this is where the positives in things like Fifty Shades comes in. It was a book that got people reading who never normally read. (I never read it!) Some people are just lost to us though :)

  8. I've loved this post so much Murees, I've tweeted it out :)

  9. "Why don't you sing?"
    "Why don't you read?"
    "I can sing in the shower!"
    "I can make up stories in the shower and I can read at work. Can you shower at work? Can you sing at work?"

    So much would be lost if you didn't read. It is a world I can't begin to imagine.

    Hi Murees, I finally posted on the Sunshine Award. Thanks again.

  10. I can't imagine a life without reading. What a different slant on everything one would have. That was such an interesting conversation, you should write a story about it, through the viewpoint of the character who loves to sing but never reads.

  11. Michelle - I know! I am am working with the strangest woman though.

    Rebecca - Thank you! I sing too, but she just hates me and everything about me and the fact that I read makes me look even more pathetic to her.

    Jai - Hahah! Yeah, the genius I work with...You are so welcome and you truly deserve it.

    Elizabeth - Hahaah! I thought it was strange too. I should write a book about all the things she says on a daily basis. Believe me, it would shock you.

  12. That really is so sad. Funny, but also sad. I think concentration is a disappearing skill, and that's even more sad. I loved her inference that you should stop writing and sing instead!

  13. Haha, but I shouldn't be laughing. I can't imagine such a person.

  14. Annalisa - Interesting person, hah? I think it is very funny.

    DA Cairns - It is okay to laugh. I am still laughing. Thank you for the visit.

  15. i bring books to work too...i seem to be the only one :(

  16. Funny... I read constantly, and just recently have had the nerve to tell people I'm a writer and that's when they give me that blank stare. Good Post.

  17. Tammy - I think that is just awesome. Good for you for not caring.

    Cathrina - Thank you. I am starting to really hate that blank stare. But good for you for having the courage to be proud of being a writer.

  18. Hahaha! I LOVE this conversation! I would have been thinking the exact same things as you!
    Anyway, I "followed" you over here from the Eagle's Aerial Perspective. Really great to meet another South African author!


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