Sunday, January 13, 2013


Work was okay. It was stressful, but that is expected. According to my work contract my job title is casual labourer which I am not too excited about. But other than that, I have been hiding out at home and avoiding society and people on purpose. I don't really know why, but having to be out and about or talking and having conversations just seem such a tiring thing for me at the moment. Physically being around strangers and too many people just make me feel overwhelmed. I haven't really talked to a lot of people lately aside for a few co-workers, (because I had to) and my family and I rather love being isolated. I know it sounds crazy.

I think that is why blogging is so good for me. I could still be cut off from society and still be part of it somehow (through blogging.)

I haven't had the urge to write anything for a week, but when I did this job before, the same thing happened. I am going to try and write at least a few sentences each day, even if I do not feel like it.

What is news with you? I would love to know.


  1. Oh that doesn't sound good. I'd be inclined to write a short story that sums up how you feel - I find that I can write some really good stuff if I just go with the emotions I'm feeling. If nothing else, it might help you through this period. Take care of yourself :-)

  2. Annalisa - Thank you for your concern. I am sure that it is just a phase that I am going through. Thanks again.

  3. That doesn't sound crazy to me at all. Being around other people who are not my family always makes me tired. Always. That's just the way I'm wired. I can live with it. Introverts are known for socializing quite well by blogging and social networks. We just happen to be in the minority and other people think we're strange. I don't care what they think. LOL

  4. I never thought I'd like being alone but after an adjustment period of my husband's death, I' m completely comfortable and at peace with my life. Now my choices are my own and it's extremely satisfying.I'm social when and if I choose. It's often nice to gather within oneself.

  5. Maybe while you're working or out of the house, think of it as a writing exercise. Look at people's mannerisms and turn them into characters. I was at a Christmas party that was draining for me. Once I sat back and collected characters, it started being enjoyable for me.

  6. Sorry to hear things are going tough.

    Things are alright on my side. Just preparing for a query onslaught on about 60 agents...

  7. Sherri - Thank you for letting me know I am not crazy. I don't care either. Thanks again, your words made me smile.

    Manzanita - I love the way you think! I guess I can be real social if I need to be, but mostly I prefer to just be calm and on my own. Thank you for making my choice seem acceptable.

    Tonja - Thank your for the suggestion Tonja! I should definitely try it. Though, I never really know what to do with the really mean people, I seem to know a lot. Guess I could just kill their characters off in my book.

    Misha - I am really hoping the querying goes well for you. Just remember perseverance is important, no matter what happens.

    Things aren't really that bad at all, guess I am just being whiny.


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