Sunday, January 13, 2013


Work was okay. It was stressful, but that is expected. According to my work contract my job title is casual labourer which I am not too excited about. But other than that, I have been hiding out at home and avoiding society and people on purpose. I don't really know why, but having to be out and about or talking and having conversations just seem such a tiring thing for me at the moment. Physically being around strangers and too many people just make me feel overwhelmed. I haven't really talked to a lot of people lately aside for a few co-workers, (because I had to) and my family and I rather love being isolated. I know it sounds crazy.

I think that is why blogging is so good for me. I could still be cut off from society and still be part of it somehow (through blogging.)

I haven't had the urge to write anything for a week, but when I did this job before, the same thing happened. I am going to try and write at least a few sentences each day, even if I do not feel like it.

What is news with you? I would love to know.

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