Sunday, January 27, 2013


I have never been the kind of person who did something just because someone else was doing it, or following fashion trends just because the entire world did. I was always my own person in a way and I guess in some way I still am. But one thing is for sure, being an individual can be very lonely and very difficult. Of course I am not just different for the sake of wanting to be special or anything. It is just that most things don't appeal to me the way it does to others. 

I don't always read books on the best-seller list because I don't like the writing styles or the genre of books just don't interest me and it is very likely that I won't even know most published writers, unless they wrote something I liked reading. Just because they are famous, does not mean I read their books. The same thing goes for everything else. I am not just going to like something because it is expected of me to like it. I like deciding for myself. 

I guess this post was inspired by someone at work asking me whether I was different because I wanted attention, or whether it was simply the way my mind worked. I don't think I am the attention seeking type, but I am who I am, if it is weird, so be it. I rather like that about myself. 

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