Monday, January 14, 2013


I wrote about three pages last night which was just wonderful for me. I need to keep writing even though I am getting used to being back in a paying job and working with co-workers. Freelancing definitely spoiled me. But even though some of my co-workers acted out today, I couldn't help but laugh at them. I guess it was probably due to the advice a fellow blogger, Tonja over at, gave me, about how I could use my work experiences for my writing. So that was probably why I was laughing because I was thinking that there were going to be characters with their behaviour in some of my books and I could do to those characters just what I want. My co-workers of course started laughing too, because they thought they said something funny, but little did they know they were the joke, hahahahaha!

I know I sound a little psycho, but I need to get through this somehow, so humour me a little? I also finished reading the book The Help, by Kathryn Stockett and I loved it. I know the book came out ages ago, but I only recently got my own copy. Also, I read Cat and the Dreamer by Annalisa Crawford and I also loved it. The main character was easy for me to relate to and of course I love any story where the underdog gets the guy.


  1. I loved The Help and just saw the movie over the weekend. It was wonderful, too.

  2. I love writing about my co-workers' antics. It's often the highlight of my day. =)

  3. I'm glad you're settling into work again. Laughing is much better than being annoyed by them!

    Thanks for the mention :-)

  4. That's the only way I made it through one of my extended family Christmas things. One of my cousins was very offensive - I took notes in my mind.

    I loved The Help. The movie was a disappointment - it glossed over the details that made the book exceptional.

  5. Nancy - I loved the movie too! It has a lot of funny moments, which makes it just great. Thank you for the comment, Nancy.

    M.J. - I am only realizing how much one person can get up to in one day. Thanks M.J.

    Annalisa - You are so welcome! Yeah, I have to learn to get along with them, as the end of harvest season is still a long way off. Thank you so much for visiting.

    Tonja - I agree, people can say the rudest things and think it is amusing. I watched the movie before I read the book and so fell in love with the movie. But I agree, the book is much better. I am only now truly realizing how little of the book was actually in the movie. Thank you for coming to visit.


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