Monday, February 14, 2011


No Valentine's day post, sorry. I believe in love but I made peace that it is just not meant for me. If it was then there should have been a sign of some future prospects, but no.

Anyway, I have finally decided to stop hiding from my first novel and finish editing it (yet again). I feel so confident about my potential progress that I have decided to try and write a new synopsis and query letter to go along with my new version of the manuscript.

I gave myself till the end of February to finish the editing. It is not as unrealistic as it seems. I can do it. After all, what is the point of writing the book and editing it, to the point that I have 6 different versions, and then just give up on it because of a little case of self-doubt? I have put everything into this novel and then I just want to give up? What was I thinking!

I know I said it before but I feel good about this version of the manuscript. I am making it a lot tighter and I think it reads better. This will be my final query version of this book. I am going to query as many agents as I can and after I queried everyone and I still don't get an offer of representation, then it will be time for me to put this book away and consider querying another book. I don't want to do it because it was the first novel of a planned series, but I will do it for the sake of progress. Sometimes one just has to let go.

But that is still a long way off and I feel I might get some form of interest with this version (yes, I am delusional but lets pretend I'm not). That is basically my plan for February. Will I make it or will I miss yet another personal deadline?

I am definitely pushing myself to make it. I want to do it and I need to do it for my own sanity.


  1. Well, look at that. I just finished writing my own post describing my plan to finish a book.
    Although my plan doesn't yet include queries and agents. I'm putting that off unti l I'm actually finished.
    Good luck with your writing!

  2. Good-luck with finishing your book.

    To me the writing part is the fun part and the editing part...not so much.

  3. That's the spirit! Don't give up! I put out over thirty queries,revising my pitch with every rejection until--bingo!--I got a couple of nibbles from agents. Do the best you can at every step in the process and just keep going. Good luck!

  4. Thank you! I will not give up. Just because I can't see the finishing line at the moment doesn't mean it's not there. I am determined to do it.


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