Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Welcome Shelly and thank you for joining my blog. It does my confidence a world of good. Much appreciated.

I am really happy writing wise. I am getting a few good ideas for my current writing project and I am surprised with how far I allowed myself to think out of the box. I forced myself to think past my conservative nature and just let loose. I am also making a lot more friends, which I am very happy about.

I also posted my page 99 on http://page99test.com/. I got back one review and the lady said she would turn the page, meaning she would like to read more. Basically how it works: your page 99 is posted anonymously and people can comment. Only after they have left you a comment can they see details like the name of your novel or whether you are published or not. I feel really bad because they give you the option to read someone else's page 99 and I didn't like one and voted ''will not turn the page'', only to find out that the author was already published. So I stopped reading other page 99's. I wouldn't like it if people kept telling me they wouldn't turn the page.

Everyday I am inspired by the posts of other bloggers and I just can't help but feel hopeful. I can't help but wake up in the morning with the crazy passion to write.


  1. I also find the other bloggers inspiring.

    I'm still newish to your blog, but I can't wait to see what you're going to post this year.


  2. You know when we put ourselves out there we don't always get positive feedback. 1 person may like it and another 1 might hate it.
    It's human nature.
    It's all about choice.
    Don't feel bad for being honest.

  3. Misha-Welcome Misha! Thank you for following my blog. I find that reading the posts of other bloggers and relating to what they say, is the thing that pulls me through the tough times. Just knowing that there are other people experiencing the same things as me and coping, helps me a lot. More than I can say.

    Heather-Thanks for the encouraging words. And what you say is true. We aspiring writers get bad feedback a lot and we have to smile and take it. I just wish I wasn't such a coward. But I will take your advice and tell them why I didn't like their story. My mom always says that honesty is priceless.


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