Friday, February 25, 2011


As my post title suggest, my computer crashed last night and apparently my CPU is fried. This would be the second time that my computer has crashed in two months. Either I am doing something wrong or my current work in progress is so hot that it fried my CPU. Now I have to use my brothers computer, which I hate because he tends to read over my shoulder as I type. It is extremely annoying. I can't write love scenes with him sitting right there. It's awkward!

I have been avoiding blogging intentionally. I had used my time allocated for blogging for my current work in progress. I don't know why but I have been feeling very overwhelmed lately and the only way I could de-stress was writing, so I did plenty of that and it worked. I feel better and I made a lot of progress.

My brother has started to read my novel and he has already mentioned a few (Tons) of things that bother him. My brother is very technical, he edits scientific publications, so the grammar and my use of tenses are the biggest problem for him at the moment. He even said that my first few chapters do nothing to make him want to read further. See! I told you he would not be doing me any favors. In my house honesty is very important.

I will be lying if I say I don't feel gutted but I knew he would be brutal. As an aspiring writer I tend to be very naive and expect praises and compliments for my hard work, when in reality I love my work so much that I can't always see all its faults. So when others give their honest opinions I feel as if my world is ending, but I know criticism is a very vital step. We need criticism. It teaches us how to deal with it and it gives us the necessary information to improve that work we love, so that we can bring it to the state where others can love it too.

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