Friday, February 4, 2011


Yes, you guessed it. I am back from my holiday and to be quite honest, I feel even more tired now then when I first left. I will need a holiday from my holiday. Just joking.

Welcome and thank you to Arlee Bird, Lisa Potts and Jeffrey Beesler for following my blog. It is nice to make new friends and it makes me smile uncontrollably. Thank you.

Holiday was ok, but I missed everything about my hometown. Living by the beach is just not for me ( I am crazy, I know!), but after day two I was ready to come home. I didn't do anything besides eat, sleep and go for an occasional walk. I couldn't write there at all. I did write erotica styled scene, which is useless seeing that I don't write erotica.

But as I walked into my house inspiration struck and here I am at the computer. I have a few ideas I want to get down.

I hope all was well with everybody.

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