Monday, February 1, 2016

When you relax

Last week my two sisters and I went on holiday at the Mykonos resort in Langebaan. The three of us haven't been on holiday together for a long time. Usually only two of us can go while the other works. We all enjoyed ourselves. We ate, slept, ate again and went for nice walks beside the beach (for me) and on the beach for my siblings.

View of where we were staying

The point of this resort is to make you feel like you're actually in Greece. With the obvious Greek style Kalivas. They even have a Greek restaurant, along with others of course. Most people flock to the resort for the casino, but me and my siblings would much rather just chill or go eat out. 

 View from our balcony

I had left all my writing material at home to really give myself a break. But after the first night I made my siblings go out shopping with me for a little book and pen to write my ideas in.

View at night

I did have fun. Most importantly, I got cool weather, so I could catch up on much needed sleep. Having had some rest and relaxation, I now feel a lot more positive about the year ahead. 

How did your week/weekend go?

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