Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Getting back and workloads

I am finally back to blogging after being on my promotional tour. Thank you again to everyone who helped me spread the word. It was definitely an amazing feeling having so many people help me. I didn't have to bribe anyone, honest:)

Having my book out in the world is a lot less stressful than I thought it would be. I'm not temped to check my sales regularly, or my author rank and so forth. I simply don't care about that right now. I set a goal for myself and I achieved it. Everything else is a plus. Work on book 2 is currently stalled. Though I'm not currently working on it, it hasn't stopped me from jotting down a few ideas. At the moment the book is at 66 000 words. Book one was closer to 90 000 words. So, I feel book 2 needs at least 12 000 more. I have a few scenes I had been holding back, and the experts say never to hold anything back for the next book.

I googled my book, just to make sure there aren't any pirate copies out there, and I kept stumbling onto sites that are apparently giving a PDF version of my book away for a free download. I know I should be freaking out, but I'm just trying my best not to have it stress me. In the modern day you can try and control everything, but things like this will happen. I can try to get those sites to stop, but tomorrow there are just three more. I have no idea how I'm being so calm.

My workload on the day-job front has increased exponentially. My brother is coming closer and closer to the deadline of his PhD and because I'm the one responsible for the data, a lot of stress falls on me. I have actually done all my bit already, but brother (the saint that he is) trusted his students with a large amount of data and now . . . I need to breathe, or I will freak out. . . I have to go back over everything they have done and do it right. They didn't do as they were told and now . . . I'm doing their work as well. But such is life, right?

What are you up to these days? Do tell.

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