Monday, May 4, 2015

Getting in shape

I didn’t mention this before, but for the past month and a half I started walking as a way to not only get in shape, but to also beat my depression. Its working wonders and I didn’t want to mention it here if I couldn’t get myself to keep doing it. Unfortunately, two weeks ago I got the flu and I’m still not recovered properly, so I haven’t walked in two weeks, but I’m anxious to get back to my walking schedule. I’m actually going for a walk after this.

My sister even got me a pedometer to keep track of my walking progress. It monitors the amount of steps I take, the amount of calories burned and distance walked, which is good. Luckily we have a long backyard and that is where I do most of my walking. I do laps of the backyard with my mp3 player providing me with great music and I actually enjoy it. More even, it is a type of exercise I don’t mind doing and when I feel stressed I go outside and go walk (pace). My walking has gotten the neighbors curious though, because they can see over the wall and want to know what I’m doing, or if I've lost my mind. As long as I work up a sweat and feel good, I don’t really care what my neighbors think. 

So, how are you feeling on this Monday? 

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