Monday, May 11, 2015

We all start at the bottom, right?

I’m feeling much better after being sick with the flu for over two weeks. I still get dizzy when I walk for too long, but I guess it will take some time to get back into exercising. Thank you to everyone who wished me well. You guys are awesome!

Today I had a new experience. I had to close my bank account with the bank I had been with for ten years. Why? Because they couldn’t give me an account that could accommodate my unique needs. Because I do data for my brother I don’t earn a “wow” salary. Basically the consultant told me that I didn’t earn enough to have the account I wanted with the specific bank, which made me feel really crappy. I’m still a poor writer and might always be a poor writer, but damn, don’t be mean about it.

So, I went to another bank who could not only give me the account type I wanted, but they didn’t make a big deal about me not earning big bucks. They welcomed my business and when I went back to my bank to close my account, there was so much crap to go through before I could successfully close my account. But I am sorted out now and it was a very unique experience. My new bank doesn’t care how much I earn, as long as I can afford to maintain my account, they’re happy.

I’ve never actually spoken about the financial aspect of my life, but I am ready to now. I still live in my family home, which my brother now owns and because he’s a researcher, he needs someone to do his data (because none of his interns wish to do it), which I do from home. I also do a few other administrative tasks for him. In exchange, I get to live at home without paying rent and I get free meals and he pays my medication/ medical bills. Also, I have to help my mom out in the house and accompany her when she does shopping or run errands. For cash I do my oldest sister’s admin and her chores, which my mom insists all of us do (because she wants us to stay humble).  My other sister, the chef, buys my toiletries and whatever I need in exchange for me taking care of her and my brother's pets (which I count as my own anyway). I'm the youngest of 4 kids by the way, if you're confused right now. 

I don’t mind doing all of the above because I still get to have more writing time than I did when I had other jobs and I get to help my family out, whom I love more than anything. Living my current lifestyle might never make me rich, but I’m happy. Isn’t that what counts? I think so. Besides, my mom and siblings take excellent care of me. What more could I want? 
So, do you ever get treated differently because you don’t earn a lot of money? If so, what did you do about it? I’m curious.

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