Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Just keep walking

Thank you for the kind words and encouragement with regards to my previous post. Your words helped. 

Today was the first day where I could actually walk without getting dizzy. Yay! I needed to walk because I felt so stressed today my head ached. Why? Well, my new bank prevents me from adding my new card to Paypal, which was one of the reasons why my previous bank also couldn't help me. I spent most of the day querying my new bank and trying to find a solution, but I didn't get the answers I wanted. Of course I contacted Paypal too and they were fast in getting back to me and they were more than helpful. Unfortunately, my new bank is not going to budge. 

I really need my own Paypal account because editors and cover designers mostly prefer that payment option. The last thing I want is for my family to do all my payments for me. This is something I want to do myself. And...my bank only allows me to do online purchases at certain online stores, which is very limiting. Tomorrow I'm going to yet another bank, only to hear if they can provide me with an option that does allow me to use Paypal. If they can, I will be switching accounts again, as long as I can afford the account of course. Sitting in long lines in banks is definitely not my idea of fun. But I guess I have to do what I have to do. 

My family thinks that my predicament is very amusing. I however do not. I just don't like getting things wrong or struggling to sort things out. I was told my new account could do all of the above and it doesn't. But okay. Tomorrow is a new day and I will deal with everything then. 

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