Thursday, April 30, 2015

Moving along with the flu

Congratulations to my fellow bloggers who completed the A-Z Challenge. You guys rock!

I didn’t participate in A-Z this year as I focused on my writing and actually finished the first round of rewrites for my second book in my Thelum Series. I was shocked to have finished it on Tuesday. Why? Because the one moment I was stuck and I few hours later I had figured everything out. Of course the tough part comes in the next round when I have to start cleaning it up and adding more description and so forth if it’s lacking, as I tend to be sparse on details.

For the first time I can remember my entire family and myself are suffering from the flu. We’ve been sick since last week and though we are better, we aren’t healed yet. It was kind of fun, because I had my siblings feeling crappy along with me and we were all lounging around the house watching movies and complaining about how crappy we felt. It was a funny sight. I think my delusional state while having the flu helped me finish my rewrites sooner.

Anyway, wishing you guys the best!

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