Sunday, April 12, 2015

Crazy Week

It was a really crazy week for me. My sister (the chef) asked me on Monday if I could possibly come in and help her out in the kitchen last week. Why? Because she was short handed and no chefs were available on such short notice. I was taken aback, because I've never worked in a professional kitchen before. The only kitchen I've worked in is my moms kitchen at home.

My sister was really patient and gave me easy tasks to start off with and at 12 pm every afternoon service started and I actually had to help her! She's very good and could probably have worked the whole week on her own, but me helping out made things easier for her. It was such a great experience, definitely one of a kind and memorable.

The bad side? It was hot as hell in the kitchen and my feet are still sore. Yesterday was my last day, but I'm still tired and my feet are still throbbing. It was surprisingly...a lot of fun. Hard work, but so much fun.

My sister doing her thing

My work station

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