Monday, March 2, 2015

Good Day and Food in Fiction

Today was a good day for me, even though it was 39 °C. I got a lot of data done, but there is such a long way to go. At least I have a good reason to push forward now, as this is the final year for my brother to finish his PhD. I’ve been doing his data for him (as my day job). So when all is said and done I can focus on my writing full-time, for a while at least (until I get another day job).

Has anyone ever thought about the topic of food in fictional writing? I recently did. My Thelum series is set in a fictional earth-like world. However, my characters still eat food found on earth. Why? Because when I started out my writing I didn’t want to use earth as a setting. I found it easier to create my own world than find my way in the current one.  It’s too late to change it now. My manuscript is already off to my editor. But it doesn’t stop me from thinking about these things.

How are you doing on this Monday? So, do you think it’s plausible to still eat pizza and pasta on another planet when we earthlings know pizza and pasta is associated with Italy? 

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