Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Beginning (IWSG)

I’m a romance writer, blogger, dessert enthusiast, lover of books and appreciative of good movies. I am currently working from home as my brother’s research/ personal assistant. 

It is a new year and I fully intend on making the best of it. I’m in the last phase of editing my novel, The Amaranthine and I’m so pleased. My family gave me a great cash gift for Christmas so my editing fund got off to a good start. My goal is to have my novel professionally edited this year. If I don’t accomplish anything else this year, at least my manuscript will be perfect. I've been chopping, changing and rewriting it for 6 years and I think it is time to finish off the project. I have to stop fearing the last step. 

The Insecure Writers Support Group was created by the talented Mr. Alex J. Cavanaugh, so that writers can share their insecurities and/or encourage others who need support with their own. You can visit Alex Here, or if you want to join us in discussing our insecurities on the first Wednesday of each month, you are welcome to join by going Here.

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