Monday, January 26, 2015

My relief, hunger and rewrites

My boy taking his nap

My boy is back to his hyperactive-self and driving me crazy, which I love. His final blood work came back and confirmed that he indeed does have Addison's disease, but since taking his medication he is so much better. Thank you to everyone who wished me and him well.

My family and I started the real meal revolution program today (Banting) and I'm starving. No carbohydrates, refined foods, junk food, sugar and so forth. But you are allowed to eat animal protein, veggies and fats like butter, avocado's and so on. I'm really grumpy today because I love potatoes and now I can't have any. Urgh! But the first few days are always the worst, right? I can do this!

I had intended to start on my second book's rewrites last week, but when I read through the first few chapters, there were a lot of things I had to think through first. Like the feel of the second book wasn't what I wanted. I didn't like how the story was unfolding or the voice with which I wrote it. I also had to decide on the level of romance I wanted in my book. I want to keep the love scenes classy, yet entertaining, so I had to do a lot of thinking. Book two continues with the same characters from book one, which had originally been one 145 000 word novel. So I wanted the style and feel to carryover to book two and it didn't. But I can work it out. I just have to get my head clear.

How are you doing?

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