Friday, June 10, 2011


The latest news with me is that I can't eat meat. I have been getting really sick whenever I do and my doctor can't find a medical answer as to why that is. So I have not been eating meat the past few weeks. Though, I am currently keeping to a vegetarian diet, I do not wish to refer to myself as a vegetarian because what if this meat intolerance thing passes and I eat meat again? I will not be able to handle all the hate mail I will be receiving.

Don't get me wrong, I have a huge amount of respect for vegetarians, but I grew up eating meat. It is a very important part of a meal in my country. But so far I am not missing meat. I do get to have an extra helping of dessert though.

Is anyone else perhaps getting this message when they access blogger?

Message: '' is null or not an object

I can't access the blog Giggles and Guns, it simply refuses to load and I can't find a solution on the google forum. Just thought I might ask.

The writing is going slow. The querying is not going so well, but that is the way it goes. I just have to keep at it. Hopefully someone will request more material.


  1. Whoa! I'm sorry G&G is giving you a rough time. :(
    I can't remember ever getting a message like that.

    Don't let the querying get you down. Keep at it.

    I can only eat meat grown near my home because what is in the store has growth hormones that I'm very allergic to.

    Take care.

  2. Mary - I don't know what was wrong with my computer, but I can visit you again. Yay!

    I hope that our local meat producers aren't using growth hormones. Perhaps that could explain my meat intolerance.

    Thank you so much for the encouragement. I will keep going with the querying, but I now understand what they mean when they say writers need thick skin.

  3. I just wrote a post about rejection/possibilities. It never gets easy.
    Too bad about the meat. Check into the growth hormone thing. It makes a lot of sense.
    Take care.

  4. I had a colon infection a few years ago (diverticulitis). For two years some foods, especially meat, really made me sick. The doctor couldn't figure it out and said I should just eat. After the infection, I went to a gastro doctor and got a colonoscopy and had pre-cancerous polyps. I sound like a little old lady complaining about my aches and pains, but I was maybe 36 at the time. I've been on a high fiber diet since, mostly vegetarian.

    BTW, all the veggies and beans ended up somehow making me fertile and I had a surprise baby at 40 after being infertile in my 20's and 30's. Yikes.

  5. Better is Possible - Thanks for the encouragement. I am definitely going to look into the growth hormone thing. Thank you.

    Tonja - Wow! I hope your health is a lot better now. And you don't sound like an old lady. You sound like a very well informed woman. Thanks so much for that.

    The surprise baby thing is very funny, though I guess you don't see it that way. No babies for me just yet. I have to find my better half first. Thanks so much for sharing all the personal information. I at least now know what possibilities are out there. Thank you.

  6. Meat is very difficult to digest, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a vegetarian! I always had trouble with it as a kid. Red meat was the worst, but white meat was not much better. The only thing I could tolerate as an adult was fish, but I don't even eat that now for ethical reasons. Though veggies can be tough too, especially legumes!

    Hope you're feelin better soon!

  7. Renee - Thank you. I am liking legumes at this point, but I will probably change my mind the longer this goes on. Thanks for the encouragement.

  8. Is it chocolate cake with chocolate frosting? That's as good as meat--maybe better.

    What's with all of the Blogger problems everyone seems to be having? I've been okay of late.

    Tossing It Out

  9. Lee - Ooohh! Now you made me hungry for chocolate cake. Yum!

    I don't know what is happening with blogger. Not being able to visit certain blogs is driving me crazy.


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