Thursday, August 12, 2010


After reviewing some of the notes on my second manuscript and comparing it with my first manuscript, I noticed that I tend to ramble on a bit when I write. My point of view character (POV) is constantly just chatting up a storm in her head. I thought that was just unique to my one character, but no. All my other POV characters are equally as chatty. I don't mind it, but readers might.

I suppose the reason they talk non-stop, is because I do too. My family and anyone who has ever read my blog could vouch for that. I don't mean to run my mouth but it just happens.

Naturally, I will have to address that in both manuscripts as well. Second one is far from done and the 1st manuscript is still only edited halfway. Don't worry. I am getting my ass in gear and psyching myself up for more editing. I am doing the outline for yet another idea. I have all the ideas and so little time to make any of it a reality.

Here I go again...running my mouth.

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