Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I know this might sound insane but I am using all my negative energy and feelings and actually using it in my writing. Not to mention all my embarrassing stories might come in handy. My characters are going to need all kinds of depth and a whole wheel of emotions and who better then an over emotional person like me to provide them?

I am making notes of how I am feeling every day so that I can use it in my next book. Some good might as well come from my latest slump.

One memory that bothers me though, is the one of me, confessing my love to my college crush in a very well written email and then only finding out later, after I resent it a second time, that he is actually happily married and that he thinks I am insane. Not that he replied, no, my sister found out that he is married and thought she might put me out of my misery. The upside to that memory is that I wrote my first book and the the girl actually does get the guy in my book. She gets the happy ending I wanted, but I am actually glad I didn't get, because who knows if I would still have been writing if I was living happily ever after somewhere.

Yes, I might be unhappy about certain aspects of my life, but I can't let it get me down. I just can't. So why not use them? In the end I will have all the ass wholes to thank if my ideas actually turn out to be any good. In the long run, the meaner they are to me, the more inspiration they give me and in fact, they would just be fueling my creativity. So bring on the ass wholes, because I have a lot of books I still want to write.

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