Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I am no longer a member of the writers digest community. It is a good site, but it is just not for me. I just visited it a few minutes ago and I simply didn't like how certain writers could just rip other writers work to shreds simply because their personal opinion of what is good or not, differs. Is it really necessary to disrespect someone else because they are different?

As you know I have enough crap in my life and the last thing I need, is being afraid to express my creativity because certain people know everything about everything.

All in all it is a good site if you need advice or want to make new friends. I am thankful, because if it wasn't for writers digest I would never have met Heather Garner. A fellow writer who's blog, (The waiting is the hardest part) and writing I just adore. And like me, she too struggles to become a professional writer. And thanks to Heather's blog I also met Leah Renee, (Writing on veggies), another writer who is also very talented. Two very cool ladies I might add.

I recommend the writers digest site to anyone who wants to be part of a writing community or socially interact with other writers. Personally, I will just stick to my blog. It's not very popular, but it allows me to write, which is all I care about right now.

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