Monday, January 18, 2016

Dropping labels and ouchies!

Hey friends! How are you doing? I'm good.

Last week I had to go for more blood tests, with regards to my autoimmune disease. It wasn't too bad. But now I have an ugly ouchie on my arm. It looks way worse than it feels:)

Ouchie on my arm

I'm starting the new year off on a very serious note. Last week I decided to no longer put labels on myself. I love being a writer, but I want to be more than just that. I want to have fun this year. Just because I might take up more hobbies and try and do more, doesn't mean that I don't take my writing seriously. I love writing. But I also like taking photos, doing crafts and who knows, maybe there are other things I want to do as well. 

Why am I getting so serious? Because writing is no longer just for fun, or a hobby. I now look at it as my job. As my profession and I really want to succeed at being a full-time writer. So, now I have to do something fun to provide balance, hence the above mentioned fun things:)

So, that is it from me. How are you doing?

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