Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Don't be afraid (IWSG)

Thank you so much to Alex, his co-hosts and the entire IWSG team for having made 2015 such a great year. You guys are amazing. 

Today I'm not going to share my insecurities, even though I have plenty. Instead, I want to encourage everyone to embrace who they are, as a person and writer. Don't be like me, afraid of everything. Be proud to be a writer. Be proud to be yourself. Just when I think I'm comfortable being myself, someone mentions something I don't want to hear and my confidence as a person and writer goes crashing down. Please, don't let others change who you are. Be you. Unafraid and unashamed.

The Insecure Writers Support Group was created by the talented Mr. Alex J. Cavanaugh so that writers can share their insecurities and/or encourage others who need support with their own. You can visit Alex Here, or if you want to join us in discussing our insecurities on the first Wednesday of each month, you are welcome to join by going Here.

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