Monday, January 6, 2014

Writing is fun again

I simply cannot get over how inspired I feel again. I have new ideas for my writing and I am filled with a new passion for my old work. Keeping an eye on reality, I will say that I still have to work on my descriptive writing and showing more. The only way to get better is to practice the techniques I have a problem with. My strategy for taking the re-writes a chapter at a time is working at the moment. I am still working on chapter one, but I am taking my time and the feeling of not being rushed is nice.

Finding out that I lacked certain writing techniques was hard for me to understand and overcome, but I think I learned so much and that I will only learn more. Having actually learnt what my writing lacked helped me improve. It feels nice when one feels that sense of accomplishment and though I still have quite a way to go, I feel good about my writing future.

Once again, thank you for always supporting and encouraging me.

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