Thursday, January 30, 2014

Exciting day

I have been feeling bummed and sorry for myself the past few days, by no fault of anyone but myself. Today all of it changed, because as my mom, my sister and I drove through town we spotted policemen/woman on horseback. Now I know it might not sound like that big of a deal to most of you, but in my town you don't see horses and having them walk around was a big deal. Cars came to a standstill and people were staring at the horses with their mouths hanging open.

Anyway, my sister is a chef at a wine estate that keeps horses and she had this idea of buying a few apples and having us feed them to the horses. I was so excited by this idea, even though I have never been up and close with a horse, this sounded like the best idea ever. My sister bought the apples and after the police agreed, we fed the horses apples. It was so fantastic, because the horses were so friendly and we didn't even need to work hard to get their attention because the horses saw that we had apples and rushed towards us. Of course at this stage my heart was pounding in my chest and for a brief moment I thought they might kill me, as they were huge, but the fear passed as soon as I realized they were only sniffing at the apples in my hand.

I was so amazed and humbled by the beauty and grace of these animals. As I held out my hand to feed the first horse I couldn't help but feel as if there was a kind of magical energy about these creatures. I fought back a laugh as the horse I fed kept taking small nibbles of the apple I was holding, as if she was shy she would come across as unladylike and eager. The horse my sister fed ate the entire apple in just one go. To me this little adventure was one of the best days of my life. It made me feel as if I was soaring in the clouds. Just to be near such beautiful and powerful animals made my day. My mom said that I had a glow about me afterwards. Maybe it had something to do with the stupid grin I was sporting for the rest of the day.

Not quite myself

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