Thursday, October 24, 2013

Reality check

Every now and then one needs a reality check. I recently had one myself, with regards to my writing and I am feeling a little deflated. I had somehow fooled myself into thinking that my writing was better than it was. I am just so mad at myself though. How could I not have known?

The upside is that I could always learn more writing techniques and read more “How to” books on writing. The downside is that I might just be an awful writer and no matter how many books I read about technique and about writing, I could just be a wanne-be that might never be.

I am looking into buying a few good “how to” books on writing and start working on a short story or two. I find it a lot more difficult to write a short story. You really have to plan and think things through and have a great idea with a short story or flash fiction. I definitely have to practice with the short story and flash fiction writing. It is tough!

I have not found a new job yet and I actually started thinking about freelancing again. I had tried it before and it had not gone well, but I am willing to try it again. Why? Simply because I refuse to believe that unemployment is my fate at the moment. I was thinking of trying oDesk this time. Anyone use oDesk before? 

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