Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I can taste my lung

Man—oh—man, am I unfit. I decided to start exercising again and it was brutal. All I had to do was move to the music of my favourite songs for 20 minutes, but it was tough. You know that awful feeling where your legs start to burn, your chest starts to heave and your lungs are crying for more oxygen? Well, that was me.

Do you know the more depressing part? When I looked in the mirror my love handles and puffy tummy were still there. Wouldn't it be great if you could start losing the pounds after every strenuous work-out? If you walk for an hour, than you see a pound of fat just fall off or if you did aerobics for two hours, you can see your love handles just melt away? It is so easy picking up those damn pounds, but taking them off...very hard work.

What is your fitness level like?


  1. Good job, Murees! The hardest part is starting! Every day from now on, it will get easier. I"m proud of you.

  2. Haha, this was perfect timing. I just got back from a trail run with my macho-husband, and a weight lift where he made me look pathetic, and yes, I tasted lung too.

    Fantastic title. I loved this post!

  3. Unknown. I fence and do yoga. Oh and ride horses, but I haven't actually jogged in more than a year...

  4. I started running again about a month ago and got back into some yoga/pilates type stuff a month before that. It is so hard to get to the point where it doesn't hurt but you can do it! I'm running a bit faster and farther every week:)

  5. Deanie - Thank you.

    Katie - Thank you. I hate tasting lung. But good for you for getting it done. You go girl!

    Misha - Wow, you stay busy. I bet riding horses are great exercise and fun.

    Sarah - You are so right, we can do this! Great job getting back into running.

  6. Pretty fit ;-)

    Well done for getting out and running in the first place. Keep going - slow and steady, not too far to start with - and you'll naturally speed up and want to go further. Great job!

  7. Annalisa - Thank you. I envy your fitness. These days my body is mad at me for working it so hard. But oh well, it will get over it eventually.

  8. Go Murees!
    At least you've made a start...
    And your title made me smile...


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