Thursday, August 8, 2013

You guys are just so awesome

Today I am just floating on cloud nine. Why? Because once again the blogger community has come through for me. I have received so much support and kind words the past few days and I am so humbled by them and grateful. I was feeling pretty low, but you guys came around and cheered me up. THANK YOU!

Because you guys have been so super awesome, you made me feel inspired and motivated, so much so that I started working on a new synopsis for my novel The Amaranthine, as well as a new query letter. Now all I have to do is go over my manuscript and make sure it is in the best shape possible and then I will tackle the query beast once more. I am thinking of submitting my novel to publishers, as well as literary agents. I truly believe in this book, as it is only the first in my Undying series. I have just come too far to give up. This time though, I am checking out all the queried parties on Preditors and Editors first and double checking on Writers Beware.

My manuscript is not in bad shape, but I had it edited by someone who did more damage than good, so now I just have to salvage it. A year later and I still love it and it is still relevant to today's market. Lets just hope others see it that way too.

Thank you guys for always being here for me and cheering me on. I will always try my best to return the favour.


  1. Murees, we're all supporting you. Everyone knows you have the talent to succeed and you will prevail. We're excited for you and we know good things will come to you.

  2. Sounds like you've overcome some serious doubts - well done! It's that mindset that will get your work to the place it needs to be :)

  3. You have so many comments on your previous post I thought I would switch things up and put mine here. Just to add to the voice of so many others:


    Not having an agent is not the worst thing in the world. You got scammed. It happens to ALL of us. Learn from it and you'll be fine. Just by sharing your story you've shown yourself to be resilient and I hope when you feel better about it you will do a post on what things to look for in an agent scam, since you do know now.

    I look forward to reading your future work. You have many friends here.

  4. Deanie - Thank you so much. You are very kind.

    Julie - Thanks!

    Annalisa - Thank you!

    Charmaine - Thank you very much. Your words are very kind and comforting.

    Awriterinspired - Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it and your words are very kind and true. I have to learn from this and I was planning on writing a post about what to look out for in a future agent. But I wondered if anyone would be interested and now I am definitely going to write it. It was really nice meeting you.

  5. Thanks so much for your kind words, Murees, he is now banned from gardening :0)

  6. Carole - You are so welcome. Yes, it is better that he does not get hurt again. I wish you both the best.

  7. Oh! I'm so happy to hear that you still love it despite all you've been through- that's the most important thing of all of this.

    Good for you! I love a girl that dusts her shoulders off and moves on. Girl Powah!

  8. That's the spirit, Murees! It took me years because I also believed in my story. It will happen, I just know it because you have perseverance and determination!!

  9. I think I missed the problem, but good for you for not giving up. The writing and blogging communities are awesome :)

    Happy Weekend!

  10. Hi Murees .. life can be tough sometimes - then later we realise it was a blip .. and all for a good reason ...

    You're strong and you'll win through .. have a peaceful weekend .. Hilary

  11. I've heard about that, editors who make a manuscript worse. Whew! And how do you know until you're in the middle? I guess the important thing is to have someone who has the same vision and respects your talent. I've gone through two official editors, and I think the first one might have actually been a curse rather than a blessing, but my divine intervention, we parted ways before there were issues.

    I'm wishing you the best with your querying. It's a tough, tough market.

  12. Katie - Thank you! I do try.

    Cathrina - Thank you. I really do believe and I am just not ready to give up.

    Carol - Thank you. Yes, they are. They are just fantastic.

    Hilary - Thank you so much. It would be nice to look at this a few years from now and think that it was all just a blip.

    Crystal - Thank you. I'll just try my best and hopefully it will be good enough.


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