Friday, August 16, 2013

I got tagged

I was tagged for this meme by the wonderful and talented Julie Flanders, author of Polar Night. Thank you Julie!

The rules of this tag are very simple.  I have to answer four of the following nine questions, link back to Julie and then tag four other writers.

The questions:   

1. What are you working on right now?
2. How does it differ from other works in its genre? 
3. What experiences have influenced you? 
4. Why do you write what you do?
5. How does your writing process work?
6. What is the hardest part about writing?
7. What would you like to try as a writer that you haven't yet?
8. Who are the authors you most admire?
9. What scares you? 

So, here are my four questions: 

What are you working on right now?
I am between projects. I am in the editing process of The Amaranthine, a paranormal romance about soul mates and then I am trying to finish another novel, Island of Manoa, a contemporary romance about a type of love that is so strong that it will move through time, if it has to.  

How does it differ from other works in its genre?
The Amaranthine does not have any sex in it. Sure the characters fool around, but unlike other paranormal romance novels, the sex only comes in book two. I just felt that the characters weren't quite ready yet. As for Island of Manoa, think chick flick in book form.  

What experiences have influenced you? 
I have always felt like the odd one out. I never felt like I really belonged anywhere specific and growing up it can be pretty tough feeling that way and not really having friends. So in my books it is important for me to have the underdog come out on top and for my characters to get their happy endings. 

Why do you write what you do?
Living happily ever is very important for me. Even though I might not experience it in real life, doesn't  mean I can't have my readers enjoy a happy ending. I also believe in love, even though I have never experienced it personally. So I guess that is why I am so obsessed with romance novels. My characters get to have their happy endings. 

So, now for me to tag 4 other people: 

C R Ward, Tonja from Tonja's MusingsKatie Cross and Beverly from the Beveled Edge


  1. You did a great job answering the questions, Murees. I'm glad that you like happy endings for your books. I can't sleep after reading something with a sad ending and I think there's enough sad things that we can't control. We can be in control of what we write.

  2. Deanie - I completely agree. I think life is too sad, that is why I love getting lost in stories that leave you feeling that anything is possible. That is why I loved your books so much.

  3. Good answers for the questions you chose!

    I love a happy ending too, which is why I read so much romance. :-)

    Thanks for tagging me!

  4. Thanks, Murees. I am leading a meme-free life right now, but I appreciate you thinking of me.

    I love your thoughts on happy endings. I don't have any of those in my stories.... :)

  5. Excellent questions, and excellent answers.

    I like the idea of a love that is so strong, it will move through time if need be. Best of luck with your writing and editing!

  6. C R Ward - Thank you. I love that we have that in common. You are so welcome.

    Tonja - You are welcome. Yeah, what can I say, I am a sucker for happy endings.

    M.J. Fifield - Thank you so much! I thought that that kind of love would be wonderful to write about...but I am working hard to make it all work.

  7. I loved learning more about you. HEA's are my favorite, too.

  8. I love how you have let your experiences feeling left out inspire your writing. I know just the feeling and it's the best way to conquer those experiences too!

  9. AAWW! You tagged me! You're the best. Thanks so much! You know how much I'm obsessed with your blog!

  10. Carol - Happy ending are just the best.

    Nicole - It really is. It is really comforting to know someone has felt like they were left out too. I guess we get our revenge by writing. We rock!

    Katie - Thank you! That is a great compliment.

  11. Yay for happy endings! I think they've been experiencing a comeback lately and that makes me very, very happy!

    How fun! I feel remiss as I have no novels in the works but I'll happily take a stab at it anyway. Thanks!

  12. Beverly - You are welcome. Just answer what you can, even talk about a previous project. There is absolutely no pressure. Happy endings are just the best.

  13. I really enjoyed reading your answers, Murees! I've always felt like the odd one out too. It seems a lot of writers share that feeling!

  14. Julie - Thank you so much for tagging me. It is nice to know that I was not the only feeling like the odd one out.


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