Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Today I had a talk with my attitude and we came to the conclusion that I have to stop being so damn depressing. I read a few of my blog posts for this year and man, do I sound dull. Well, first of all, I just have to mention that I have a job interview tomorrow. I am really excited, probably because this is only the second interview I have ever been invited to. With the other jobs I simply just got hired, being a temp and all that. But I really have a good feeling about this job.

The other thing is, I have been a really bad vegetarian. When I say bad...I mean eating tons of carbohydrates and mostly eating everything fried. Not to mention that I have been eating a lot of those frozen pre-packaged vegetarian stuff, which I know is not good for me on the long run, but I have just been so lazy. So, I have decided to start making my own bean burgers again and to actually start cooking for myself again and actually trying to get some form of exercise. After all, exercise makes you feel happy, right?

I just got so tired of waiting for things to change in my life, so I decided to make a few changes to a few things that are in my control.

I am also working on a short story about a nymph assassin, which I am really excited about. It is the same story idea I had a few years ago, which caused a few of my fellow bloggers to make fun of me for the idea, because apparently nymphs can't do anything aside for running around naked and having tons of sex. Just so that you know, I think that is total bull-crap, but I know it will be good and she will totally kick butt.

What is going on in your life?

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