Sunday, February 17, 2013


I wish I could just jank myself out of this writing slump. I know I have to write and I know what I want to write and that it is something that I want to do for the rest of my life, but for some reason I am just not writing. I get to my computer and nothing happens. These days I am more interested in catching up with movies I haven't watched or catching up on a favourite TV series. 

I guess I am sabotaging myself. I guess I thought that my first book would have found a publisher by now, but deep inside I know that these things take time and that there could be a big chance that my book might not sell at all. Right now I kind of feel like my writing is going nowhere. I know that is a really depressing way of thinking, especially if I have an agent, but I am realizing that things don't get any easier, even if you have an agent. There is only so much one person can actually do for a book. 

I started job hunting and you guys won't believe how many scams and scammers there are in the job market. Honestly, I applied for one job and then the possible employer wants to charge me money to buy a supposed manual, so that I can do my job. I fell for this 2 years ago and then found out it was a scam. The other scam is where supposed recruitment agencies require my CV, a photo of myself and all documentation with regards to my education and proof of qualifications. This might not sound bad, except for the fact that many of these recruitment agencies don't even exist, which I found out from Google, not to mention that I only applied for one job and suddenly all of these supposed recruitment agencies start spamming me with the same emails every day. I guess they use those documentation for identity theft. 

Well, I guess the upside to all of this is that my life never seems to be boring. Though, right now I would give almost anything for a quiet life. 

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