Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I think that it is essential for all writers to trust themselves and their work. Believe that your work has potential. How can you make others believe that if you do not? I know many times we feel unworthy of that kind of assurance, but always doubting yourself and your writing is just too exhausting on the long run. I am not always as confident as I would like to be, but I try to remind myself that my creative efforts are a huge achievement. At least and I can always improve and correct most errors through editing. As a writer self-belief is essential. You need to believe and trust in yourself and your talent. You just have to.

Thank you, Alex J. Cavanaugh for creating the Insecure Writers Support Group. You guys can visit Alex over at


  1. Well said! I believe in you and me. We rock!

  2. You are absolutely right! I know what you right is true, but it's good to get a reminder every now and again. Thank you for being an encouraging writer and blogger!

  3. Ooops! Sorry I mean -I know what you *write*...

  4. Found you through the blog hop.
    We need to be reminded of this every now and then, thanks...
    And nice to meet a fellow S.African! *waves*

  5. I love Alex's IWSG and participate eagerly, but I'm not insecure about my writing. I'm insecure about everything else I don't have control over. It's maddening not to be in control of getting an agent, a publisher, and all the stuff that comes after.

  6. Heather - You are so right, we do rock. Rock on!

    Brianna - You are so welcome. But you do not need to worry about the misspelling. I am not really finicky about stuff like that on my blog, so really don't sweat it.

    Mish - It is nice to meet you too! You are very welcome.

    Nancy - You are so brave. And I totally agree with you. The lack of control can be maddening.

  7. Hi Murees, I'm on the blog-hop. I stopped by last month and didn't follow you - I'll rectify that now!

    Good advice, though!

  8. Yes, well said! I have to remind myself of this every day. :)


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